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Looking for a basketball court in Montreal?

Wondering where to play indoor basketball?

At The Ministry come play 3v3 basketball!

Intense, fun, rapid, year-round, and with maximum volume of play, get you indoor basketball at the cheapest rates in Montreal opposite Marché Central! No need to rent an entire school gym for 3 hours for 20 weeks at midnight on a Sunday with $2 million civil insurance policy, simply book when you want and pay as you go!

Perfect for kids, adults and families, or as an addition to your corporate event or bachelor party. Great availability, spectator space, bar, FREE parking, air conditioning, showers, music, close to metros, kit included and much more! Available for 2-10 players. Flexible rates (per person or discounted whole court rental) – can book by 60/90/120 minutes.

Basketball court Montreal
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