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Want the best birthday party in Montreal?

Searching for party or event space?

Find it at Montreal's #1 party & events centre! With activities such as Bubble Soccer, Nerf Battle, Combat Archery, Soccer, Ball Hockey, Quidditch & Battle Medieval, make your party the best yet!

Experience an awesome birthday party at Ministry of Cricket & Other Homeless Sports, with activities for kids and adults! Centrally located in Montreal opposite Marché Central, with FREE parking, air conditioning, bar, washrooms, Wi-Fi, fridge space, all equipment, animation, party space, music, and the best indoor soccer fields in Montreal provided!

We offer unique animated party packages and traditional sporting birthday parties at great rates, with a service that suits the whole family! The most popular party activities are Bubble Soccer, Nerf Battle, Kids Archery Battle, and Soccer or Multi-sport parties. You can try some of our new activities, such as Battle Medieval and our Giant Inflatable Obstacle Course party! We also have additional amazing adult party options, such as Extreme Archery Games, Batting Cages parties, and even Quidditch! You get time on the field, and time in the party space. You can bring in your own food and soft drinks. You can add on time. You can choose a variety of activities. You can choose party packages for 8-24 people, or for 25-45 people. We can custom build larger events for up to 100 people. The space and activities are flexible to suit all budgets!

Parties start as 2-hour events and you can add on half-hour blocks. You can choose unique animated activities, or traditional sports space. The most popular parties are 2.5 hours, with 30 minutes of Soccer or Ball Hockey, followed by something high adrenaline, like Bubble Soccer, Combat Archery, or Nerf War, and then time to enjoy a meal! All our animators are qualified coaches and phys-ed teachers to create an awesome experience!

Just 5 minutes from TMR and Ville Saint-Laurent, 10 minutes from Laval, Outremont and the West Island, we are located opposite Marché Central next to Party Expert! The Ministry is the #1 party and events centre in Montreal and Canada! Give us a shout and come take a tour!

”I have never seen anything like this in Montreal – what you get – the space, the facilities, the turf fields, the equipment – for parties, for teams – our whole family loved it! Amazing! Thank you!” Sandra, parent, soccer birthday party

We also offer amazing team building parties, summer parties, Christmas parties, bachelor & bachelorette parties, end of year parties, fundraisers, 5 à 7s, and other corporate events tailored to your needs! Please enquire!

Please complete the contact form below. We'll get back to you within 24 hours (or Mon morning if it's the weekend). If you don't hear from us, check your spam, then call Mon-Fri 10am-4pm in case the email vanished in The Matrix.

Age 8+

(Max 16 players / up to 24 people)

2 hrs party space + 1st hour Bubble Soccer (animated) 10 bubbles, up to 16 players


+ 30 mins soccer / hockey & party space 65$

Age 8+

(Small party, max 10 players)

2 hrs party space + 1st hour Battles of Nerfs (animated) 8-10 players (small field)


(Larger party, max 22 players / up to 24 people)

11-16 players (large field)


+15$/additional player (max 22 kids)

+ 30 mins soccer / hockey & party space 75$

Age 7+

(Max 22 kids / up to 24 people)

2 hrs party space + 1st hour Battle Medieval (1 animator, up to 16 players)


+15$/additional player (max 22 kids)

+ 30 mins soccer / hockey & party space 75$

Age 4+

(Max 18 kids / up to 24 people)

2 hrs party space + 1st hour Inflatable Obstacle Course (1 monitor) + soccer field


+ 30 mins soccer & party space 75$


+ 30 mins inflatable / soccer & party space 100$

Age 12+

(Max 22 kids / up to 24 people)

2 hrs party space + 1st hour Archery Battle (1 animator, up to 16 players)


+20$/additional player (max 22 kids)

+ 30 mins soccer / hockey & party space 75$

Age 8 - 11

(Max 22 kids / up to 24 people)

2 hrs party space + 1st hour Archery Battle (1 animator, up to 16 players)


+15$/additional player (max 22 kids)

+ 30 mins soccer / hockey & party space 75$

Age 7+

(Max 22 kids / up to 24 people)

2 hrs party space + 1st hour Quidditch (1 animator, up to 16 players)


*+15$/additional player (max 22 kids)

+ 30 mins soccer / hockey & party space 75$

Age 5+

(Max 22 kids / up to 24 people)

2 hrs party space + 1st hour Court B (or A)


+ animator 50$/hr/18 kids

+10$/additional player (max 22 kids)

+ 30 mins field & party space 75$

Soccer field Montreal

(25 to 45 people total)

2 hrs Mega Court & Mezzanine & ping-pong tables


+ soccer/multisport animator 60$/hr/18 kids

+ Bubble soccer for 1st hr add 150$ (promo 100$ May-Aug)

+ Battle of Nerfs for 1st hr add 125$* (promo 100$ May-Aug)

+ Giant Inflatable for 1st hr add 150$, for 90 mins add 175$, for 2hrs add 200$

+ Kids Archery Battle for 1st hr add 100$*

+ Quidditch for 1st hr add 90$*

*incl. up to 18 players, +15$/additional player (max 24 kids)

+ 30 mins field & party space 85$

(50-100 people)

We can custom build activities and animation. Please contact via the form below with details of number of kids, adults, length of time, dates, and preferred activities for options and pricing.

''AMAZING! Montreal needed this! The best sports facility on the island! Thank you!''

 Julie, parent, birthday party

Ministry of Cricket in the media


How does it work for birthday parties?

We have different packages depending on total group size (including all kids, siblings and parents). There are packages for 10-24 people total, packages for 25-45 people total (Mega Party), and packages for 50-100 people (the whole center).

You can book either a 2-hour party, or a 2.5-hour party. If it’s the last party slot of the day (around 4pm), you can book a longer event.

We have a load of different activity choices. It’s possible to do one activity (a 2hr party, first hour activity, second hour meal time), or a mix of activities (a 2.5hr party – typically 30 minutes of soccer or hockey, followed by 1hr of an animated activity, followed by meal time).

Party packages come with time on the field, equipment, and time with the party space. You can bring in food, soft drinks and utensils. We have a bar on site, as well as fridge space, and coffee available for purchase.

Choose your total group size. Choose your length of party. Choose your activity or activities that are age appropriate. Choose your date and time. Message us via the form above with your preferences. We will confirm availability or options. When you’re happy, we will email a contract, useful info, printable invitation, and PayPal request to complete the booking, then everything will be set for your arrival.

Can I come visit?

Yes. By all means. Please just check ahead of time someone will be there. We are typically open mid afternoons to 10pm on weekdays, and 10am-9pm weekends. You can go see the space and the equipment, chat with an animator. To make your booking enquiry, we do this all through the website.

My son is 6. He wants to do Nerf...

We have a load of great options for ages 4 and up. We want every party to be a smash hit. In that respect, everything has to be age appropriate. We have 30 years experience in animation. Nerf and Bubble Soccer are from ages 8 and up. It only works from that age. It’s ok if there are one or two 7-year-olds in an event, or the whole group is just about to turn 8, but we can’t do Nerf and Bubble soccer for younger than that. They don’t have the strength to operate the equipment at that age, they don’t have the concentration to follow the rules, they don’t fit the safety equipment. I know there will be one or two exceptional younger kids who can  manage these things – although we can’t guarantee it. They have Nerf guns at home. They were at another party, etc. Another company is offering – yes, but it will be a disaster. But the overwhelming majority of kids at that age can’t do these activities. The best thing is to choose something more age appropriate. Either the Giant Inflatable Obstacle Course with soccer (age 4-34), Quidditch (age 7+), Battle Medieval (age 7+), or Soccer / Hockey (age 6+). On another year, pick Nerf.

Are you open on a Saturday / Sunday?

Yes. Every day by reservation. We do all party requests through the website, and we’ll get back to you, within 24 hours, between Monday and Friday 10am-4pm. If you don’t hear from us, check your spam folder. If somehow our reply vanished into the ether, or you have an urgent same-day request, call us. If it’s the weekend, and you’re stuck in traffic and want to phone, then call the hotline behind the desk (sometimes you have to call a few times, as staff might be running around setting up) 514 904 1026. Please don’t leave a message on this line. It’s really like the Bat phone behind the computer for emergencies.

Where is your free parking?

We have free parking all over! There is some alongside our building on Mazurette – check the hours on the signposts. There are plenty free spaces in front of Party Expert on de l’Acadie (the front of our building). It’s our designated parking space – you won’t be towed. There are more spaces in front of our neighbours Chez Cora on de l’Acadie. And 5,000 spaces across the road at Marché Central. It’s probably the easiest place to park in Montreal. It just needs explained to people. We send this info in your booking email, and on the printable invitation.

How does it work for payment?

When the details of your booking have been finalised, we email an Interac request to complete the payment. We charge the full amount at that point, and then everything will be ready for your event. Or you can come to the center to pay at the desk. Please note the booking is only complete once the payment and contract have been completed. We don’t operate by deposits. It’s much easier when everything is done in advance (less people running out the door).

For any additional charges, such as extra kids for animation, coffee, or beers, you can pay this at the event.

Can you take off the taxes if I pay cash?

Lol, absolutely not. Maybe it’s because we are British but this is illegal. We need to pay taxes to pay for schools, healthcare, pensions, infrastructure, police, fire fighters, amenities, MPs’ lunches and Quebec’s spiraling debt. You can pay by cash, debit, Visa, Mastercard, and cheque in some instances but we are obliged to do things by the book. Remember that and feel good when you need to book a doctor’s appointment.

Do you have a freezer?

We don’t have a freezer. We have fridge space. Montreal blesses us with a natural freezer from November to March outside though.

I want to bring in 45 people but I only want to pay for 15 kids. The parents will just be sitting, socialising, and having a meal for 2.5 hours...

Imagine you’re booking a restaurant. You ask for tables and chairs for 15 kids, and then 45 people show up. You say to the manager, ”Only these 15 kids will be ordering today. The other 30 people have brought in their own food and drinks. They will just be filling up the rest of your space for 2.5 hours. Please don’t book anyone 30 minutes either side of us, too, because we’re going to make a lot of mess.” What would happen?

Imagine you book a chalet for 15 people. And 45 people come to stay.

Or airline tickets.

Or this happens at your house.

Our parties are as much about the parents as the kids. Everyone needs space to have a good time. You don’t want to be loitering outside the door in -45C or sitting on each other’s laps. When you book a party with us, you are booking two things: space for everyone, whether playing or socialising and eating, and an activity (with equipment, and usually animation).

We are not one of these nightmare play centers with 5,000 screaming kids and a picnic table. This is a 5* facility, with stylish, clean party space, a bar, free parking, fridge space, qualified animators, staff on hand to help, the best equipment and turf fields, music, clean washrooms, air conditioning and much more, bang in the middle of Montreal, with all the wonderful municipal rates for us to cover. We only ever have a maximum of two parties at a time. We want people to be comfortable, to have the best party experience ever (at a fraction of the cost of a restaurant), and to come back. Book the amount of space according to the space you need.

I want to save the date. I don't know what we'll be doing. I don't even know if we will be coming...

We have to operate like an airline, or a chalet. Once you return a signed copy of your contract and complete the payment, your party is booked, everything will be ready for you, and we have to turn away every other request. If you’re not sure, take your time, chat with your child and partner about what activity you’d like to do, and then contact us when you know your available dates and times and preferred activity. We cannot block off the most popular times in our limited calendar for maybes.

No one is using that little space. Can we just use it?

Sure. If it’s available, you can rent it.

But no-one's using it. I don't want to pay...

Funny story. I went to the petrol station the other day. I walked in and said, ”I just filled up my car but I notice no one is using pump number 5. My wife, her sisters and their friends are here with their cars too and are filling them up. Is it ok if we do this for free?” And they called the police.

I’m not being cheeky but our business is renting space, sports equipment, and activities. Bloody good ones. The best, in fact. That space, unfortunately, is not free in the eyes of the City of Montreal, our lovely landlord, Hydro Quebec, Energir Gas, le Gouvernement du Quebec, the phone company, our bank, insurer, etc, etc, etc, etc. And our amazing staff need to get paid too. That ”little space” costs the business hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. At the very end of this chain, our kids need fed, and they need shoes for soccer and dance classes. I wish things could be free. But this is the economic and social system we live in. We keep all rates as low as we possibly can. We have to be fair and consistent with all our lovely clients. You can rent time on the field, and if you don’t want to, that’s ok, just book what you need.

Think of it this way: if you went out for a lovely meal, at the end of it would you walk into the restaurant kitchen and start rootling through the fridge and say, ”I see no one has eaten these delicacies. Is it ok for our party of 15 to tuck in? Do you do doggie bags?”

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