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Want the best bubble soccer in Montreal? At great rates?

With a bar, air conditioning, animation, showers, FREE parking, FREE Wi-Fi, spectator space, event space, a host of other activities, and all the equipment included?

Get it at The Ministry!

The Ministry is the #1 bubble soccer centre in Montreal, with top of the range turf fields, animators and equipment, located opposite Marché Central, just 5 minutes from Laval, 10 minutes from Mile End and the West Island, and easily reached from downtown! We are close to metros Sauvé & de l’Acadie, Highways 15 & 40, and Gares Ahuntsic & Chabanel (just 14 minutes from downtown)!

Whether you are looking for a bubble soccer birthday party, to add bubble soccer to your corporate event or team building activity, or you want the best bachelor  or bachelorette party in Montreal, we have the turf fields, the best and safest bubble soccer equipment on the market, a great variety of games, and professional animators to make your event a smash-hit – all at the cheapest rates in Montreal! Find everything you need in one place! No cancellations for weather, no hardwood gym floors to break your knees on, no melting in the Montreal sun – just an amazing facility, the best staff, air conditioning, draft beers, music, showers, more than 20 different sports, and much more!

Packages start from 8 bubbles, including field rental, animator, knee pads, top of the range bubbles, plus all the soccer kit. You can add more time, more bubbles, custom build larger events and add on other activities, such as Archery Tag, Batting Cages, Golf & Ping Pong, Nerf Battle or Escape Room! Or if you already have a bubble soccer booking through another company you can arrange straight field rental!

When choosing a bubble soccer company, it’s important it comes with a proper place to play. At The Ministry, you are guaranteed a 5-star facility that is weather-proof, with meticulously cleaned equipment, and animators who care passionately about making sure you have the best time possible. Some companies will send you to a school gym, with hardwood floors and no kneepads – just benches to break legs on – to uncut city parks with rocks, dirt, mosquitoes and no washrooms, or to vinyl tents in the suburbs with ankle-breaking rubber in-fill fields and no air conditioning. Some bubble soccer companies will simply sit there and watch you playing soccer for an hour, instead of creating an interesting variety of games. Some will even give you the nightmare task of finding a field, or charge you extra for something sub-standard. Save yourself time, money and nasty surprises by booking your bubble soccer event in the #1 sports centre in Montreal!

Check out this amazing drone footage of bubble soccer at The Ministry!

Bubble Soccer

8 bubbles, up to 16 players 299$

10 bubbles, up to 20 players 335$


Bubble Soccer Birthday

Age 8+

2 hrs party space + 1st hour Bubble Soccer (animated) 10 bubbles up to 20 players

375$ (370$ May-Sep)

+ 30 mins soccer/hockey + party space 75$ (65$ May-Sep)

Battle Royale

Two teams battle to knock down all players in the opposing team first. The team with the last player(s) standing wins!

Bubble Soccer

More messy than Messi and defintely not what you’d call ”The Beautiful Game” but riotous fun nonetheless – and no red cards!

British Bulldogs

Someone is the Bulldog in the middle of the field. Players start at one end, and when the referee shouts ‘’Bulldogs’’, everyone races to other end without getting knocked over by the Bulldog. If tackled, you become a bulldog in the middle. Rounds continue until there is only one winner!

Capture the Flag

A ball is placed in each goal. Teams have to capture the other team’s ball and get it into their own goal first. The only time you want to score an own goal!

King of the Hill

You have 90 seconds to beat your friends to be King of the Hill!

Golden Goal

Frantic action as first team to score wins!

Penalty Shootout

Teams take turns in a penalty shoot out. Best of 5, and if tied, sudden death!

The King Slayer

Each team nominates a King or Queen – telling only each other and the animator. The goal is to knock down the other team’s King or Queen first.


Players form a bowling triangle, standing without resistance. Players take turns to run at them and see how human skittles they knock over!

Sumo Soccer

Wrestle your friends in a Sumo ring to determine who’s the strongest, for both pairs and individuals!

Bubble Soccer originated in Norway in 2011 and then spread quickly to the UK and the rest of the world. The idea came about as a spin off from Zorbing in New Zealand. Bubble Soccer in Montreal began in 2014, for the most part being just hour-long games of soccer inside a bubble in the park. At Ministry of Cricket, we decided to take the game to the next level, by developing a wide variety of Bubble Soccer games with different aims and strategies, maximising fun and participation. Ministry of Cricket is also the only Bubble Soccer company in Montreal that includes a gym with your activity, along with party space options, a bar, air conditioning, and multiple other sports and team building activities.

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