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Want the most fun activities for day camps in Montreal?

Looking for great activities for schools or PED days?

Find them at The Ministry! Or we can come to you!

With 14,000 sq ft of sports space, amazing animators, air conditioning, lunch space and sports equipment of every kind located in central Montreal, kids will have a ton of fun at The Ministry! Come try cool new groop activities, like Battle of Nerfs, Bubble Soccer, Quidditch, Kids Archery Battle, and Cricket! Plus old favourites, like Ball Hockey, Ping Pong, Dodgeball at the best value and the best facilities in Montreal!

We can accomodate 15-88 kids for activities at a time. Get a great mix of group activities in a morning or afternoon block. With FREE parking and conveniently located near Highways 15 & 40, metros Sauvé & de l’Acadie, and Gares Ahuntisc & Chabanel, we are easy to reach! Just 5 minutes from Laval, TMR and Ville Saint Laurent, and 10 mins from Cote Saint Luc, Rosemont, St Leonard, Outremont and more! We can also bring our animated activities to your school or camp!

NEW! Battle Medieval

Battle Medieval is an amazing new activity brought to you exclusively by Ministry of Cricket for kids age 6-10. Kids dress up as knights in armour and run around playing a big variety of tag-based games with foam swords and shields to dramatic music. There's treasure, castles, and captives! Fully animated and with the best equipment, games and fields!

Bubble Soccer

Bubble soccer is a ton of fun, with a variety of games and challenges and a lot of laughs! Play Capture de Flag, British Bulldogs, Battle Royale, Golden Goal, The Kingslayer & more! Fully animated and with the best equipment, games and fields!

Battle of Nerfs

Play the newest game in Montreal! All the pleasure of paintball without the pain or mess! Enter the inflatable battle zone with your friends for unchained nerf blaster mayhem! Games are based around movies and played on dramatic music. Thousands of bullets, limitless fun!


Love Harry Potter and dreamed of flying? Ever wanted to play Quidditch but didn't know how? With our in-house flying instructors, brooms and quidditch goals, learn the most mind-bending sport ever invented - only at The Ministry! We'll build up your flying hours and get you playing a match by the end! Fancy dress welcome.

Kids Archery Battle

Experience the thrill of combat archery! Like a mix of dodgeball and Hunger Games set to dramatic music, challenge yourself to a high adrenaline battle with your friends! Discover your new favorite sport!

Blindfold Soccer

Blindfold soccer has arrived at The Ministry! Partner up, channel your inner Messi and play the round ball game like never before! Amazing for team building, blindfold players chase after a ball with bells in it while partners tell them where to go! If you're looking for a unique group activity or amazing addition to your party, you just found it!

Ultimate Multisport

Choose from Ball Hockey, Dodgeball, Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee and Kickball! With all the kit, the best soccer fields in Montreal and qualified animators, enjoy an awesome sporting experience!

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