Our mission is to provide the best memorable sports and activity experiences with innovative equipment and animation.


The vision of the Ministry Of Cricket is to become the leading provider of vibrant entertainment with convenient sports activities for all ages.

Nerf War

Extreme Archery

Bubble Soccer

Escape Room

Ministry Of Cricket & Other Homeless Sports

The Ministry Of Cricket is a family-owned business that came into existence on September 18, 2015. Angus Bell and Candy Corwin founded the Ministry Of Cricket to accommodate various special special needs sports that had no place to train in the winter. In 2022, Blair Robertson and Michael Schwar acquired the Ministry Of Cricket.

Meet The Team

Blair Robertson


Jean-Félix DesRoches

Minister Of Management

Andy Tolson

Minister Of Operations And Cricket

Charles-Antoine Manes

Minister Of Animation

Nancy Cangé

Star Animator

Landry Kouamegni

Star Animator

Mihai Bouldurescu

Star Animator

Hugo Servin

Minister Of Web Development

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