Is the meal provided?

No, but you can bring your own food and drinks. You can also order from one of the many nearby restaurants and have it delivered.

Can we bring alcohol?

No. However, we do sell alcoholic products on site.

What are the appropriate clothes for my activity?

We recommend wearing sportswear. Preferably long pants to avoid knee injuries in case of a fall. You should also bring running shoes. Cleats are not allowed.

How long before my reservation can I arrive?

You can arrive 15 minutes before your reservation (unless otherwise indicated by the staff).

Am I required to have an animator assigned to my group?

Yes, an animator is mandatory. They are not required to animate your group if that’s what you wish. However, he/she will still be present to attend to all your needs related to the activity, ensure supervision, and ensure the safety of participants.

What do I need to bring and what is provided?

We provide all the necessary equipment for the activity (balls, bibs, Nerf guns, etc.) The rest, it is your responsibility to procure (plates, utensils, gift bags, tablecloths, balloons, etc.)

What is the difference between the Mezzanine and the Café Area?

The café space and the Mezzanine have the same number of tables (four). However, the Mezzanine can accommodate 40 people and the Café Space 24 people. In addition, the Mezzanine is on the second floor, so you really get a sense of privacy. The Mezzanine is also equipped with 2 televisions and a foosball table.

Do you have questions?

We have answers.

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