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Where is your free parking?

We have free parking all over! There is some alongside our building on Mazurette – check the hours on the signposts. There are plenty free spaces in front of Party Expert on de l’Acadie (the front of our building). It’s our designated parking space – you won’t be towed. There are more spaces in front of our neighbours Chez Cora on de l’Acadie. And 5,000 spaces across the road at Marché Central. It’s probably the easiest place to park in Montreal. It just needs explained to people.

I forgot my water bottle...

Hi, yes, I saw you called 5 times in a row at 11.45pm while I was sleeping! Without ever leaving a message. Yes, you and 40 other people. Please send us a message via the contact form at the bottom of the page, with some descriptive details and we’ll get back to you by email in the coming days. Please stop phoning incessantly. It’s a terrible habit.

Can we wear cleats on your turf?

We spent six years researching artificial turf to come up with the latest, safest, best performing material on the market! With major health concerns about the toxicity of car tire infill fields, and ligament tears soaring with slippy crumb fields, we selected a much safer, non-toxic, special non-slip surface. We don’t wear cleats on this surface – we don’t need them. It’s designed for turf shoes, futsal shoes, or running shoes. The result is an awesome padded turf-like surface that will give you much better ball control, better pace of the ball, and greatly reduce the risk of ACL and ankle injuries! We recommend goalkeepers, small kids, and anyone else planning to throw themselves across the ground wear tracks pants and cover elbows with clothing – as with any surface. So remember and pack your regular turf shoes or flat-soled indoor running shoes! We have great turf shoes available to rent on site in case you forget.

What size are your soccer fields?

We have four different sizes of turf soccer fields: a 3v3 field (30′ x 47′), two 4v4 fields (70′ x 47′), two 5v5 fields (101′ x 47′) and one 7v7 field (140′ x 47′). There is no limit on the number of players. We recommend you bring extra players, as the ball is always live, so you get a huge volume of play (double the volume of traditional centers with out-of-bounds).

Can you take off the taxes if I pay cash?

Absolutely not. This is illegal. We need to pay taxes to pay for schools, healthcare, pensions, infrastructure, police, fire fighters, amenities, MPs’ lunches and Quebec’s spiraling debt. You can pay by cash, debit, Visa, Mastercard, and cheque in some instances but we are obliged to do things by the book. Remember that and feel good when you need to book a doctor’s appointment.

How does it work for birthday parties?

We have different packages depending on total group size (including all kids, siblings and parents). There are packages for 10-24 people total, packages for 25-45 people total (Mega Party), and packages for 46-100 people (the whole center).

You can book either a 2-hour party, or a 2.5-hour party. If it’s the last party slot of the day (around 4pm), you can book a longer event.

We have a load of different activity choices. It’s possible to do one activity (a 2hr party), or a mix of activities (a 2.5hr party – typically 30 minutes of soccer or hockey, followed by 1hr of an animated activity, followed by meal time).

Party packages come with time on the field, equipment, and time with the party space. You can bring in food, soft drinks and utensils. We have a bar on site, as well as fridge space, and coffee available for purchase.

Please see our birthday party ideas here.

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