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Looking for Flag Football in Montreal?

Or Touch Rugby? Or a gym for indoor practice?

Our artificial grass courts are perfect for your training needs or Flag Football or Touch Rugby games! And we have a bar!

Situated opposite Marché Central, near Metros Sauvé & Acadie, Highways 15 & 40, and easily reached by bus, we have 3 indoor turf courts with optimum flexibility to meet your rugby needs! Get better training space for fitness, drills, coaching and more! We even host the Montreal Touch Rugby World Cup!

Tired of beating yourself up in hardwood school gyms, travelling the length of the island or practising at ungodly hours of the night? Miss the sight of grass seven months of the year? The Ministry is your solution! Available 7 days a week, night and day – get your game time here! Make this your best season yet! #NoMoreShittySchoolGymFloors


Friday after 6pm and Saturday after 4 pm

100$/h Court B

(instead of 135$)


150$/h Mega Court

(instead of 195$)

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