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Looking for kids cricket in Montreal?

Want your child to learn an amazing new sport, skills and make friends?

Ministry of Cricket & Other Homeless Sports will be running a 8-week Sunday-morning cricket course, 10 am-11 am, for boys and girls age 6-9!

All kit provided!
No experience necessary!
Fun guaranteed!

The next course starts January 13th running till March 3rd! Run by professional coaches with over 20 years experience in the best practice facilities in North America (with changing rooms, showers, café, mezzanine, FREE Wi-Fi, FREE parking, and much more! The course will teach a wide range of skills and fun games, guaranteed to get your kids moving, learning, making friends, reaching their full potential and getting into cricket!

‘‘A smash-hit! The kids loved it! They talk about cricket all the time now and can’t wait to play again!’’

Stéphanie, camp co-ordinator

‘‘Awesome! Every child should know about this – there’s so much to the game and you can see their passion and progress. The whole school has gone cricket crazy! Thank you!’’ 

-Tim, physical education teacher-

A Note About Our Special Turf!

We spent five years researching artificial turf to come up with the latest, safest, best performing material on the market! With health concerns circulating about the toxicity of shredded car tire infill fields and ligament tears soaring with slippy crumbs that trap you unaware, we selected a much safer, non-toxic, special non-slip surface. We don’t wear studs or cleats on this surface – we don’t need them! The result is an awesome padded turf-like surface that will give you much better ball control, better pace of the ball, and greatly reduce the risk of ACL and ankle injuries! We recommend goalkeepers, small kids, and anyone else planning to throw themselves across the ground cover their legs and elbows with clothing – as with any surface. So remember and pack your regular flat-soled indoor running shoes! Your safety and enjoyment at our centre is our top priority!

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