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Did you know that Quidditch is a real sport and that you can play in Montreal? The most mind-bending game ever committed to paper now available in Montreal’s most awesome multi-sports centre! Whether you are a hipster looking for fancy dress game-time, a Harry Potter fanatic bent on taking this sport to the Olympics, or a business looking for the most original team building activity yet, come play Quidditch at The Ministry! We have the kit! We have the instructors! Simply bring your imagination if you want to fly (at least in your head). Puritan Quidditch players play on brooms but feel free to bring any household appliance to put between your legs! Perhaps you’ll get more torque with a vacuum cleaner. We even have the first indoor Quidditch league in Quebec – La Coupe des 5 Maisons!

Want an awesome Quidditch Party with your mates? Where else are you gonna do it? With café, bar, showers, FREE parking, FREE Wi-Fi, and located close to metros and all major forms of transport, make Quidditch the centrepiece of your incredible night out or corporate event! Call 514 445 7295 or email for more info!

Montreal has multiple Quidditch teams and leagues for those who want to take the game further! With Nationals and Quidditch World Cups, there’s no limit! Five billion Harry Potter fans can’t be wrong.

‘‘I had no idea that Quidditch was a real sport and exists in Montreal! So much fun! All my friends want to try this.’’ Geneviève, Montrealer

Check out this flying lesson from The Minister!

Action from our in-house Quidditch league, La Coupe des 5 Maisons!

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