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Love Sherlock Holmes?

Ever wanted to be him?

Now you can!

Experience the most thrilling activity in Montreal - our Sherlock Holmes Escape Room! Fully bilingual! Only at Ministry of Cricket & Other Homeless Sports, Montreal's #1 indoor sports, party, team building & events centre!

Get ready for the best escape room in Montreal! Enter the Victorian London flat of Sherlock Holmes, decorated with exquisite antiques, packed full of details from the books, films and TV series, with the most thrilling escape games built in!

The year is 1891. Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson have been missing for 9 days. A strange telegram arrives saying you have one hour to stop a murder! You, as Scotland Yard’s finest investigators, under the charge of Inspector LeStrade, must race to solve the mystery of the century! It will require all your cunning, guile and powers of deduction! You have one hour! Tick-tock.

2-12 players. Larger multi-activity team building groups welcome!

Escape room Montréal

So much more than an escape room, at The Ministry we have a bar, FREE parking, music, nearby metros, air conditioning, washrooms, party space, plus 20 other sports & activities set in the best sports facility in Montreal! Whether you are looking for the latest escape room buzz, the best team building activity in Montreal, an amazing birthday party, or simply great activity ideas for the family, come solve the Sherlock Holmes Mystery!

What is Room Escape?

Room Escape (sometimes called Escape Games) is a thrilling immersive gaming experience, like entering a live video game… but better! You enter a room with 2-12 people and must follow the clues and solve the puzzles to complete the game within an hour! The room will be filled with all kinds of interesting puzzles and objects – some of these puzzles mental, some of them physical, some of them pure decoration – with each one leading to the next. It requires a range of skills and minds working together to complete. Typically, in any escape room experience, there will be locked boxes, hidden objects and keys, and all kinds of enigmas to solve. Each successful step will have you hemorrhaging dopamine and talking about it for weeks. Room Escape games are incredibly addictive. What makes the Sherlock Holmes Mystery all the more extraordinary is the Victorian London decor and antiques – on a par with the Sherlock Holmes Museum back in Blighty – with the additional excitement of being the best escape game in Montreal! Plus our bar before and after!

Is it suitable for families?

Escape Games are a great family activity and The Ministry is one of the most family friendly facilities in Montreal. For the type of puzzles we have, while mostly aimed at adults and age 10+, it would be possible for some participants aged 8-9 to join in, if accompanied by adults. An entire group of 10-year-olds would likely get more out of running around playing our Nerf Battle or Combat Archery. We have family size soccer & ball hockey fields too.

What do we need to bring?

Just yourselves and if poss, a clean change of shoes. You’ll need to arrive 20-30 minutes in advance of your booking, to be ready for start time. Everything you need to solve the puzzles will be in the room. Your games master will give you the background story, lead you to the room, and follow your progress throughout. You’ll have up to three clues to help you out, should you need.

We are looking for a Team Building activity in Montreal. Is Room Escape good for this?

The Ministry is the #1 Team Building, party & activities centre in Montreal. Escape games are a fantastic addition to any office party or corporate event! Your staff must work together to solve the puzzles and have a blast doing it! What makes us unique is we also have 14,000 sq of indoor gym space, soccer fields, batting cages, archery battles, nerf war, 20+ sports, bar, party rooms, mezzanine, showers, air conditioning, and the best animators in Montreal! We can custom build team-building events, Christmas parties and summer parties to your budget, group size and interests. We can create events for 6-120 people. With everything you need on site, it saves you enormously on cost and time. No running around the city and schoolboards looking for hardwood floor gyms from the 1950s, or driving down to the courthouse with nowhere to park for an alcohol permit that won’t arrive on time but a parking ticket that will show up on your windscreen. No being cooked alive inside a bubble soccer ball in the Montreal sun in the middle of Jarry Park without a toilet. No rocks and dog dirt on the field, or thunderstorms and mosquitoes. No paying team building companies for 4 hours of set up with spotty, adolescent animators who couldn’t whistle a dog. You have everything you need and more here. We run hundreds of smash-hit events a year. And it’s much cheaper and better than other places. Check out our Team-Building Montreal page for more info!

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